We are Velder.

An all-round advertising agency that has everything in-house. From concept and design to elaboration and realization.
Velder knows the possibilities and works effectively and result-oriented.

Velder once started out as a printing company, delivering high speed and top quality customization. We already gave meaning to the concept of full service when it hardly existed before. Our team consists of professionals who combine their expertise with passion for their profession. The team is strengthened by a fixed network of business partners. This way, we offer quality and service to our customers and we can quickly and efficiently create solutions that provide added value for them.


A good design of every communication is essential to convey the right message. The design must also be tailored to the communication channel used. This is the only way to ensure that communication can be fully effective. Velder uses designers in many disciplines. From graphic design and web design, to creative image makers and spatial design. In this way we create designs that appeal to people. Velder also realizes the complete elaboration of these designs. For example: printed matter, signing, websites, audio visual presentations, POS materials, exhibition stands etc.

Printed Matter

Developments in the field of printed matter are rapidly evolving. Issues such as: which technique best suits the look you want? Offset printing, digital printing, or still printing? And what materials and finishing? Good advice on possibilities, differences in execution and costs always pays back. Velder knows what is going on. For more than 35 years, we have guaranteed quality printing in any print run. Whether it concerns business cards, manuals, leaflets, POS material or brochures; Velder takes care of it. While doing what you are good at, Velder can take everything from pre-press to storage and delivery.


Communication is increasingly shifting to online. Your target group, therefore. Surf along and take advantage of the digital possibilities that Velder has to offer you. From inviting web design, to sophisticated web applications. Velder does what it takes to create successful online traffic and interaction. Examples include: newsletters, apps, websites, SEO and interactive online web applications for media asset management, order & stock management etc.


Marketing comprises all activities that a company does (or will have to do) to give a certain value to a product or service in the eyes of the customer. Increasing customer satisfaction is what this is all about. Ready-made solutions do not exist, as this depends on your wish or possible problem. We are happy to assist you in finding the right solution and in realising the communication that goes with it.

How we work.

1 Velder likes to look through your glasses. We also love to listen carefully first. This is the only way we can respond optimally to your wishes and needs. And to think along specifically. Then we can use our competencies to help you be successful and get the most out of your business!

2We like to build permanent relationships with our customers. This includes regular contacts, who will proactively involve you in every step of our cooperation. Which you can always reach whenever necessary. In this way, we are building sustainable partnerships, which always result in the desired results.

3 Velder believes in consultation and participation, transparency and trust. Open and honest, we love that. Our agreements and quotations are therefore crystal clear. We do what we say. And say what we are doing. In advance. So you always know where you stand. You can rely on this. It is as simple as that.

What we stand for.

Velder has stood for quality for years, our customers know that. They are counting on that too. We are continuously working to maintain and further improve the quality of our organisation, products and services. It is therefore logical that Velder's Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified..

Copies supplied for annual reports or products are often confidential. Sometimes even trade fair-sensitive. Careful handling of that kind of information is not strange to us. Embargoes and NDAs are also not. Many of our customers therefore appoint Velder as Preferred Supplier of Trusted Partner. Of course, we are proud of such a status!

In our view, information security is the most normal thing in the world. Not because it has to be done, but because this is how it should be. So we are cautious with our data. For Velder this has been a matter of course for years. That is why we also work with ISO 27001 certified partners in the IT field. So that what must be safe, remains safe.

Everyone has a right to privacy and must be able to rely on it being respected. We believe that this is important. We have also secured that. Velder is GDPR compliant. We protect all data from our customers, but otherwise we are very open and transparent. Also about privacy.
Our Privacy Policy is here.