advertentie deadlines

Don’t turn deadlines into headlines!

Deadlines have the characteristic that they are getting closer and closer. This is also the case with advertisement deadlines. In addition, every sheet and every newspaper has its own delivery specifications. And no advertisement is identical. That can be very frustrating at times, but it doesn’t have to be a problem.

For example, we regularly receive requests to develop advertising campaigns for business contacts and we receive an overview and planning. Usually it concerns multiple placements in various media. Sometimes the first deadlines have almost passed. Clients are then not always reassured about a good outcome….

Don’t panic, Celery knows the hat and the edge. A question of knowledge and experience. Fast switching is a continuous process and deadlines do not make us nervous. Proposals are made and submitted in no time, and the elaboration follows just as quickly. This means that the delivery can still be arranged in time. And you have no headaches from it.

Morale: with a media partner, as a Velder deadlines don’t become headlines!