online mediabank

Online media management for Panasonic

Velder developed and built a web application for Panasonic for the management and exchange of media files, called Panasonic Media. The online media database contains many thousands of files, such as product photos, logos, POS material, videos, press releases etc., which are available centrally and 24/7 online.

For its users, mainly Panasonic dealers and the press, the Media Repository is designed to be easy to use. The advanced search function makes it possible to search by products, keywords, etc. Search results are quickly and visually attractive displayed. Found files can be downloaded, shared, or saved for later use by the users.

Velder also takes care of the total management of the application, including the continuous uploading of new media files. In this way, all Panasonic media files are available centrally, clearly and always up to date.

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